Plantiful Nutrition

Evidence-based guidance on living a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

Food & Nutrition Coaching

Eating delicious and healthy food can make all the difference about how you are feeling. I help you with balancing your meals, finding recipes and how to incorporate all this in your busy lifestyle with hands-on advice.

Feeling better in your skin

Whether you would like to eat healthier, lose or gain weight – I am here to give you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Custom Plans

After our first consultation, I might ask you to fill in a food diary. Together, we look at what works and what needs improvement. According to your preferences and goals, we develop a custom plan that works perfectly just for you.

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

  • Do you want to eat a more plant-based diet but are struggling with how to do so healthily?
  • Are you not sure which supplements to take or whether you need any at all?
  • Would you like to lose weight?
  • Or maybe you have other questions about how a healthy plant-based diet should look like?

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation over the telephone, where we discuss how I can help you.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Most of us live a busy life, with little time to prepare labor-intense meals. But in order to thrive both in our jobs and private lives, we need delicious, nourishing food that covers all the nutrients our body requires. A plant-based diet can be beneficial for the planet, our health and definitely has ethics on its side. The mainstream western diet on the other hand often provides us with a deficient amount of plant-based food. I show you how can have it all – nourishing, delicious meals that fit well in your busy day!   

How I can Help

A nutrition counselling can be useful in different situations: whether you need help with the transition to a vegan diet, need detailed advice on specific nutrients or need support with you weight management.

Food Coaching

My evidence-based knowledge meets hands-on guidance.

Special Conditions

Contact me if you want special advice for pregnancy, sports nutrition etc.

Vitamins & Supplements

Do you need any and if yes, which and how much? 

Weight Management

Whether you want to gain, maintain or lose weight, I am your coach.

About Mira

Your plantiful coach

I am a certified plant-based nutritionist, mum of a predominantly plant-based toddler and living a plant-based lifestyle myself since five years..

Whether you are vegan or just interested in leading a more plant-based lifestyle – you are more than welcome and I’m happy to help!

My Approach

Eating vegan is “in”, no doubt, but there is still a lot of uncertainty and prejudices. First of all, I can assure you: a well-planned vegan or predominantly plant-based diet is healthy for all ages and stages of life!

What is a well-planned diet?

To help you with that, I would love to be your coach to guide you with up-to-date evidence-based knowledge and hands-on advice.

What counts

My belief is, that every step towards a plant-based future counts. Therefore, you are welcome no matter whether you are vegan, vegetarian or only just interested in incorporating more plants in your diet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What does nutrition counselling with me look like and what can you expect?

This is very individual and completely tailored towards your needs and wishes. In our first consultation we discuss, how I can help you and which tools we choose to achieve your goals. Often, I will ask you to fill in a food diary to help me see what we can work on together.

Which tools are there to choose from?

There are a lot of possibilities, depending on where you are standing. For new vegans, I can help you where to shop for vegan groceries, how to easily and quickly create a balanced meal etc. For all topics, I will provide you with hand-outs which contain helpful graphs, explanations and lists.

Can you text me your questions via e-mail or whats-app?

Yes, I would love to help you outside from consultations as well! Be it mental support or scientific knowledge, I am passionate about plant-based eating. Together, we agree on a reasonable rate.

Where will the consulation take place?

If you live in Basel or close by, I am happy to visit you at your place. Other possibilities would be to meet up in a café or in my workplace. We can also talk over video-chat!

What did I study and how am I certified?

I actually studied Business Engineering and Renewables. My certificate for vegan nutrition is from ecodemy, which I completed in 2020, shortly before going into maternity leave. Additionally, I gathered a lot of knowledge through books and other media. I have a passion for vegan nutrition in pregnancy, lactation and childhood. My next degree therefore will be a focus course on vegan nutrition for mother and child. 

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